Many of my clients tell me that my cookies are too pretty to eat. I tell them they are too delicious not to eat!
Jill's Sweet Treat Cookies are made in small batches from the finest, all natural ingredients. They have just the right batch size and baking time. Jill carefully hand rolls and decorates each cookie. These cookies have a royal icing that melts in your mouth.  Each Jill's Sweet Treat cookie truly is a work of art.
Jill’s Sweet Treats is NOT open for business at this time. The baker is currently out playing in the real world for now but dreams of yummy cookies, gorgeous storefronts and over-the-top parties in her spare time.
Everyone’s Favorite  JST Sugar Cookies
Call Jill today at 508-843-3754 or email your inquiry to
Jill’s Sweet Treats website does not have individual cookie pricing on every cookie. Please contact Jill for a price on your order. A minimum order of 20 cookies is required per order. Cookies can be baked on sticks and/or packaged with curling ribbons. Cookies can also be boxed and ready to serve on a platter at your event. 
Every order is custom to fit your needs!